Unveiling the Hidden Gem of Australia: The Enigmatic Sapphire Coast
Unveiling the Hidden Gem of Australia: The Enigmatic Sapphire Coast

A land of captivating beauty, rich history, and untamed adventure is waiting to be discovered. Imagine yourself on a thrilling journey to one of Australia’s best-kept secrets, the breathtaking Sapphire Coast. We frequently travel to this beautiful destination and want to share with you the all the best bits. Read on for our best travel secrets and book now to embark on an enchanting exploration of this mesmerising destination that is sure to leave you spellbound.

Day 1: The Road to Sapphire Coast

As the sun kisses the horizon, your epic voyage begins, leading you through picturesque landscapes, enchanting towns, and incredible experiences. With the capital city of Canberra as your starting point, you’ll set off southward, making a pit stop at the Sutton Forest Service Centre for morning tea. Recharge with a cup of coffee and a snack, and then enjoy a satisfying lunch in Canberra. The Monaro Highway beckons as you journey to Cooma, the heart of Australia’s high country, before the final leg of your drive along the Snowy Mountains Highway. This scenic route unveils the coastal wonderland, welcoming you to the Princes Highway near Bega. The Coachmans Motel Eden stands ready to embrace you, offering a perfect base for your adventures.

The Road to Sapphire Coast

Day 2: Hidden Treasures of Central Tilba, Bermagui & Cobargo

As you wake up to a new day, set your sights on uncovering the hidden gems of Central Tilba. This National Trust-recognized village is a step back in time, where local artisans still practice their crafts. From woodturners to leatherworkers, and even a cobbler, you’ll be transported to a world of old-world charm. Don’t miss a visit to Tilba Cheese, a 100% Australian-owned business where you can taste the essence of the land. Afterward, it’s off to the coastal paradise of Bermagui for a lunch that will tantalize your taste buds. Your journey continues to Cobargo, where a tour of the captivating Cobargo Farm awaits, offering a glimpse into the dedication and love poured into it by Janet Doolin and her late father over the past two decades.

Hidden Treasures of Central Tilba, Bermagui & Cobargo

Day 3: A Sapphire Coast Extravaganza

Prepare for a day that promises jaw-dropping beauty. Begin your morning at the Merimbula Aquarium, where you’ll be treated to a tour complemented by a delectable morning tea. The route then meanders north along the coast to Tathra, a coastal village with a story to tell, having been touched by the 2018 wildfires. Post-lunch, Merimbula unveils itself, offering you free time to explore its coastal wonders.

A Sapphire Coast Extravaganza

Day 4: Eden’s Maritime Secrets

Eden, a town that has weathered the tides of history, is the stage for your next adventure. Your day starts with a guided town tour, which may be followed by a captivating cruise in Two-Fold Bay. At the unique Killer Whale Museum, delve into the town’s whaling history and meet “Old Tom,” the legendary killer whale that guided whalers to their prey. The afternoon cruise on the Cat Balou is the icing on the cake, with chances to spot seals, dolphins, and, during the season, awe-inspiring whales. Savor a light lunch while you cruise these pristine waters.

Eden's Maritime Secrets

Day 5: Mallacoota – A Forgotten Marvel

Crossing the border into Victoria, you’ll reach Mallacoota, a hidden marvel on the south coast. This is a town that has risen from the ashes of the 2020 fires and is well on its way to recovery. Your arrival is greeted with morning tea before a town tour and a visit to the World War 2 Operations Bunker, a treasure trove of history and memorabilia. Lunch at the Mallacoota Pub offers a taste of the local cuisine, giving you a glimpse into the region’s flavors.

Mallacoota - A Forgotten Marvel

Day 6: A Roar at Mogo Zoo

Your journey home takes you to Mogo Zoo, a wildlife sanctuary that will leave you in awe. Get up close and personal with Bengal Tigers, Snow Leopards, red pandas, and a myriad of other exotic creatures. Mogo Zoo is part of an international breeding program for endangered species, making it an exceptional experience. With a mid-afternoon comfort stop, you’ll embark on the final leg of your journey, carrying with you cherished memories of your week in the natural paradise of the Sapphire Coast.

A Roar at Mogo Zoo

Intrigued and ready for an adventure of a lifetime? The Sapphire Coast is calling, and it’s time for you to answer. Dive into the enchanting world of this hidden Australian gem, where every corner reveals a new treasure. Your next unforgettable journey awaits!

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